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Fun, classic toys. Micki’s toys are designed in Sweden and are of very high quality, ensuring that your child can enjoy playing with them for many years to come.
The Lundby doll’s house is a classic toy full of fantastic opportunities. These doll’s houses, which are ideal for play, come with all kinds of modern furniture and other accessories to help children have fun playing in their very own inspiring little world.
The talking doll loved by generations! Skrållan’s playfulness makes her a popular playmate, and she speaks five different languages as well. New clothes and accessories are regularly available for Skrållan and her doll friends.
A girlfriend for fashion lovers everywhere! The high-quality dolls from DesignaFriend have all the right details. Every doll has a unique appearance with long hair for you to style and loads of fashionable clothes and accessories.
Classic toy cars with a robust metal and plastic construction. This range includes everything from fast rally cars and emergency vehicles to agricultural machinery and related play environments.
Smart toys for playful learning! Playing and having fun is the best way to learn new things. Use Strawbees' plastic pipes and connectors to build thousands of different structures.
Launching autumn 2019.